Analytical Ultracentrifugation: Gene Therapy Analytics and GMP Environments

June 25, 2020
1:00 PM EST

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The inherent challenges associated with viral vector production are well-established in the literature; viral vector production is a highly inconsistent process, yielding a heterogenous range of partial-to-complete particles with non-uniform genome loads. These factors drive the rationale for robust quality control parameters within the workflows associated with viral vector production.
Sedimentation-Velocity Analytical UltraCentrifugation (SV-AUC) has become a cornerstone analytical platform for providing those quality control parameters essential to uniform production of  viral particles with the intended genomic payload. The ability of SV-AUC to rapidly interrogate numerous parameters critical in viral vector production lends better visibility and control, which is turn assist in comporting to cGMP and other regulatory compliance considerations. 

  • Akash Bhattacharya 
    Senior Application Scientist
    Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
  • Lake N. Paul, PHD
    BioAnalysis, LLC
  • Borries Demeler, PHD
    Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Canada 150 Research Chair for Biophysics
    Director Canadian Center for Hydrodynamics
    University of Lethbridge