Custom Reagent Services

Custom Reagent Services from Beckman Coulter offers multiple options and technologies to choose from, based on labs need and demand.

This services allows you to customize your antibody as well as panel combining from the large number of antibodies in the Beckman portfolio, while spending less time on manual processes. Dependent on your needs we are offering either Custom Design Services (CDS)* or Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS)**

Under Beckman Coulter’s Contract Manufacturing Services, we manufacture the components of your user defined test reagents under GMP§ conditions according to your specifications.

Our Custom Design Services* go even one step further, in that our antibody experts assist you in panel design an reagent formulation. We can be a time- and cost-saving, single-source provider for a customized products and services to support all your flow cytometry needs.

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Description  Can include products not commercially available

Formulation with Beckman Coulter commercially available products

Panel Design Design, development and optimization of panels with Beckman Coulter Configuration, formulation and procedure to be provided by the customer
Product Claims For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures No regulatory status
Formulation Ready-to-use cocktails EU: reagent component. Outside EU: reagent cocktail
Delivery Time (Liquid) Typically 4-6 weeks from the signed contract Typically 8-10 weeks from the signed contract
Delivery Time (DURA Innovations) Typically 9 weeks from the signed contract Typically 9 weeks from the signed contract
Minimal Volume >500 with 25 test prelot and >200-499 without prelot 2,000 tests
Formats Available in both DURA Innovations-based dry reagents or liquid reagents Available in both DURA Innovations-based dry reagents or liquid reagents
   beckman coulter custom reagent services dura innovations dry unitized reagent assays


* Custom Design Services products are For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
** CMS Services for DURA Innovations-based dry reagents are available only in North America
*** CDS and CMS Services for Aquios instrument are only available in liquid reagents
§ GMP as defined in ISO 13485

Custom Design* and Contract Manufacturing Services reagents for Aquios instrument are provided in barcoded and cap-pierceable vials.

Beckman Coulter recommends that all results be reviewed prior to release.

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