DURAClone Antibody Panel Technology

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Antibody panel development requires a high level of flow cytometry expertise and may consume critical laboratory resources. In addition, many of the key reagents used tend to degrade with handling and storage. When designing a robust panel, it is important that the assay read out is attributable to the sample and test condition, rather than inconsistencies in the reagents used or human errors in panel preparation. Take a leap forward and streamline flow cytometry experiments by using expert proven, DURAClone dry pre-formulated antibody panels for biomedical research.

DURAClone Kits are based on our proprietary DURA Innovations technology, and provide you with all reagents you need within the tube where you run the test, resulting in prolonged stability and significantly reduced handling of reagents. Our aim is to help you improve data quality and consistency of phenotyping and functional assays.

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The DURAClone product range includes thoroughly tested antibody combinations for the identification and characterization of the human immune system, stem cells and abnormal rare cell populations. DURAClone kits for immune functional assays are complemented by the DURActive kits, providing ready-to-use dry cell stimulation mixtures, unitized for the activation of a single sample.


Streamlined Workflows


Stability and Reproducibility



 A lot of the experiment time is spent on tasks such as titration, cocktailing, reagent quality control (QC), and inventory management. Elimination of antibody pipetting results in a lean sample prep workflow, reduced manual steps and minimized inventory management. Degradation of liquid antibody conjugate cocktails due to reagent aging or inappropriate reagent handling may contribute to assay variability. DURA Innovations technology stabilizes the antibody conjugate in a dry reagent format that enables long term storage at room temperature and eliminates repeating and error-prone antibody handling steps.   With DURAClone, we have developed a portfolio of ready-to-use assays with standardization and productivity in mind, so you can focus on advancing your research.
 Workflow efficiency comparison

Watch how you can save time on your sample preparation steps

 Dry vs. liquid reagents comparison

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ONE study

A multi-institutional research study recognized as a gold standard in flow cytometry standardization, it is the base for the design and optimization of DURAClone panels

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