CytoFLEX Violet-Blue-Red 업그레이드

완전 활성화된 장비에는 488nm (파란색) 레이저의 형광 채널 5개, 638nm (빨간색) 레이저의 형광 채널 3개, 405nm (바이올렛)의 형광 채널 5개가 포함됩니다. 활성화 키를 구입하여 세포 측정기에 추가 색상 파라미터를 추가하십시오. 아래 목록을 참조하여 구성의 파라미터 수를 찾고 원하는 파라미터 수와 함께 부품 번호를 선택하십시오.

Popular Flow Cytometry Supplies

Flow Cytometry Reagents

Full spectrum of off-the-shelf reagents from single color conjugated antibodies to complete systems that combine reagents, calibrators, controls, and software, all manufactured under GMP standards.


Bandpass Filters

We’ve made the optical filters for the CytoFLEX Platform available as standalone products.  The full range includes standard and non-standard filters, which can be used for specialized applications.


Plate Loaders

Optional accessories for the CytoFLEX platform to enable rapid processing of multiple samples.  These devices fit inside the flow cytometer preserving the compact footprint.



We offer offline analysis software for both research and clinical laboratories.  Tools for use with specific Beckman Coulter cytometers to enhance the data acquisition workflow are also available.



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